David joined Rolfes Henry in 2012 and serves as the Partner leading our Orlando office.  David’s litigation experience has spanned over twenty-five years and has included everything from trying scores of cases as an Alabama Assistant District Attorney, prosecuting medical professionals who have violated Department of Health regulations, to handling hundreds of first-party property matters and personal injury claims throughout the State of Florida.

David’s extensive experience of over eight years combined in both medical malpractice defense and as a prosecutor for the Florida Department of Health provide him with an enhanced knowledge of standard-of-care issues related to medical practitioners, allowing David to offer more sophisticated representation to our clients in medical malpractice matters, nursing home liability matters, veterinary malpractice claims and in any case in which personal injuries are a concern.

In addition, David has handled a significant number of wrongful death and catastrophic loss casualty claims through his work in trucking liability, motor vehicle liability, and premises liability matters, utilizing his experience in both complex liability disputes and in medical actions to provide the Firm’s clients with a strong advantage in high-stakes litigation.

David is a proud veteran of the United States Army Reserve and Alabama National Guard, where he served as a combat Military Police soldier. David lives in Orlando with his wife Jamie and their three young children.