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The attorneys at Rolfes Henry provide a variety of legal services, from handling first-party property claims to defending against bodily injury claims to commercial litigation. With more than three dozen attorneys and offices across multiple states, Rolfes Henry has the resources and expertise to ensure its clients are competently and comprehensively represented.

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About Our Practice Areas

About Our Practice Areas

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Appellate Law

Appellate law is based on the principle of judicial review, which allows a higher court to review the decision of a lower court. The purpose of appellate review is to ensure that the lower court has correctly interpreted and applied the law.

An appellate law attorney provides legal representation to clients who have been involved in a trial and now wish to appeal the decision. This type of lawyer is often used by people who feel that they have been wronged by the trial outcome and believe that they can improve their chances of success by appealing to a higher court.

In some cases, an appellate law attorney may also be hired by the winning party in a trial in order to help them defend their victory on appeal. If you have been involved in a lower court case and feel the judge or jury reached a verdict incorrectly, it is important to contact an expert appellate counsel to review your case.

Appellate Law

Having successfully advanced or defended petitions and appeals in both state and federal courts, Rolfes Henry is often called upon for its appellate expertise.

Learn more about our appellate law services, and contact a Rolfes Henry office near you to get started.

Bodily Injury Claims / Defense

There are many reasons why someone might need a bodily injury claims attorney. For example, if you are in a car accident and the other driver was at fault, you will likely need an attorney to help you recover damages from the other driver. If you are accused of causing a car accident, you will need a lawyer to help you defend yourself. Furthermore, if you are injured in a slip and fall accident, you may need an attorney to help you recover damages from the property owner.

Rolfes Henry specializes in representing insurance carriers and their policyholders. With substantial experience in bodily injury cases, our attorneys have a track record of success and work diligently for the best resolution in every case.

Bodily Injury

It is important to find a bodily injury lawyer that is experienced and knowledgeable in this area of law. An experienced attorney will know how to navigate the complex legal system and fight for your rights.

See how the bodily injury attorneys at Rolfes Henry can help insurance companies and those they insure secure the best possible results.

Business and Corporate Law

A business and corporate lawyer can help with a variety of legal issues that businesses face, such as contracts, employment law, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, and more.

There are many different types of businesses that need to have a corporate lawyer on their team. Startups often need help with incorporating their business and making sure they are following all the necessary legal requirements. Small businesses may need help with drafting contracts or negotiating leases. Meanwhile, large businesses may need assistance with mergers and acquisitions or regulatory compliance.

Business Professional Shaking Clients Hand

If you are thinking of starting a business or are already running a business, it’s a good idea to have a corporate lawyer on your side. They can help you navigate the complex world of business law and make sure you are in compliance with all the laws and regulations that apply to your business.

Learn more about how Rolfes Henry’s business and corporate law services can help protect your business.

Claim Investigations

A claim investigations attorney is someone who investigates insurance claims to determine if they are valid. These attorneys work for insurance companies and are responsible for looking into claims that have been made by policyholders. They may also work for policyholders who want to make sure that their claim will be covered by their insurance policy.

There are many different types of insurance claims that can be investigated by a claim investigations attorney. Some common examples of these types of claims include:

  • Property damage claims
  • Personal injury claims
  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • Disability claims
  • Death claims
  • Fraudulent claims
  • Subrogation claims
  • Reimbursement claims
Claims Investigations

If you have a claim against you or suspect someone will file a claim, it is important to find an attorney that is experienced with claim investigations and can help you get the justice you deserve.

Rolfes Henry has extensive experience in the claim investigations field, helping to counsel and defend insurers across the nation. Learn more about our claim investigation services and how we can put our experience to work for you.

Commercial Litigation

A commercial litigation attorney is responsible for representing businesses in court when they are involved in disputes with other businesses. This can include contract disputes, class action lawsuits, and other types of business litigation.

The commercial litigation process can be very long and complicated. For many businesses, it can be hard to know where to start and what to expect. Therefore, working with an experienced commercial lawyer can help employers navigate the multifaceted aspects of business law and in the event litigation does occur, achieve the desired results.

Here are some examples of commercial litigation:

  • Breach of contract: This occurs when one party to a contract does not fulfill their obligations under the agreement.
  • Fraud: This occurs when one party deliberately misrepresented themselves or information in order to gain an advantage in a business transaction.
  • Intellectual property disputes: This occurs when one party tries to use another party’s intellectual property without permission.
  • Antitrust disputes: This occurs when one party tries to monopolize a market or prevent competition.
  • Class action lawsuits: This occurs when a group of people sues a company for damages caused by the company’s actions.
Commercial Litigation

In this area of law, Rolfes Henry focuses on construction litigation, with sizable experience in construction defects, breach of warranty, negligence, delay damage, and more. Our construction litigators have successfully represented contractors, subcontractors, and construction companies.

Learn more about our commercial litigation services and see how we can help you.

Condominium / Homeowner Association Law

A condominium, often called a condo, is a type of real estate divided into units that are each separately owned, with common areas jointly owned.

A homeowner association (HOA) is an organization in a planned community or condominium complex that makes and enforces rules for the properties within its jurisdiction.

Many HOAs are well-run and provide a valuable service to their residents. However, some can be dysfunctional and infringe on the rights of homeowners. If you live in a condominium or HOA that is not meeting your needs, you may need a condominium or HOA attorney.

There are a few signs that a homeowner may need to hire a condominium or HOA attorney:

  1. You’ve been fined for a rule violation that you don’t think is fair.
  2. Your HOA is not maintaining the common areas or addressing repair issues in a timely manner.
  3. You’ve been harassed by a neighbor or HOA board member.
  4. You’ve been unfairly denied a request to make a change to your unit.
  5. You want to start a recall of your HOA board.
Condo Litigation

If you’re considering hiring a condominium or HOA attorney, be sure to choose someone who is experienced in handling these types of cases and who you feel comfortable working with.

Rolfes Henry has experience working with both homeowner associations and individual homeowners. For example, our attorneys can help HOAs establish by-laws, negotiate contracts, handle collection issues, and, if necessary, litigate these issues.

Meanwhile, we also believe all property owners have rights. Our attorneys proudly represent individual homeowners in the event that an association illegally enforces their rules and regulations.

Learn more about the services our condominium and homeowner association lawyers provide for both HOAs and homeowners.

Criminal Defense

In the United States, anyone accused of a crime has the right to an attorney. A criminal defense attorney specializes in the defense of individuals and companies charged with criminal activity.

Most criminal defense attorneys are private attorneys who work for a defendant on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to representing clients in criminal trials, criminal defense attorneys may also be called upon to represent clients in related matters such as:

  • Plea bargaining – Negotiating with the prosecutor to try to reach a deal in which the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a lighter sentence.
  • Expungement – A process by which a criminal record can be sealed or destroyed.

Learn more about what Rolfes Henry’s criminal defense services entail, and see how our lawyers will fight for you.

Criminal Defense

Education Law

In the United States, education lawyers are typically hired by school districts, colleges, and universities to represent their interests in court. However, there are many private individuals who also need the services of an education law attorney.

For parents, an education law attorney can help ensure their child receives the best possible education. For instance, if a child is having difficulty in school, an attorney can help the parents work with the school to find a solution. An attorney can also help parents who believe their child has been the victim of discrimination, bullying, or unfair treatment.

Students may also need to hire an education law attorney if they are facing disciplinary action from their school. An attorney can help the student understand their rights and options, and can represent the student in a hearing if necessary.

Education Law

Finally, teachers may need to hire an education lawyer if they are facing disciplinary action from their school or if they believe their rights have been violated.
Meanwhile, schools and educational organizations can also employ the services of education law attorneys. Education lawyers can help these institutions reduce their exposure to litigation and guide strategic decisions with regard to students, employees, policy development, and more.

Education law attorneys at Rolfes Henry represent schools, non-profit organizations, and home school groups. Explore our education law services and see how we can deliver high-quality results for your organization.

Fire Science Litigation

There are many reasons why someone might need a fire science attorney. For example, a homeowner whose house was destroyed by a fire may need help getting insurance money to rebuild. Meanwhile, a business owner whose business was damaged by a fire may need help getting compensated for their losses.

No matter what your situation is, if you have been affected by a fire, you may need the help of a fire science attorney. Fire science attorneys are experts in their field, and they know how to investigate fires and determine their cause. They can help you get the compensation you deserve.

In recent years, Rolfes Henry has worked on some of the most notable fire cases in the United States and abroad. Learn more about our fire science litigation services and see how we can put our unique expertise to work for you.

Fire Science Litigation

Governmental and Municipality Defense

Governmental and municipality defense attorneys provide representation to governmental entities such as municipalities, townships, and law enforcement officials.

A governmental and municipality attorney helps defend civil servants in areas such as tort claims, discrimination matters, law enforcement disciplinary proceedings, and more. This type of lawyer is familiar with the rules and procedures of governmental agencies and municipalities.

Rolfes Henry specializes in representing small municipalities, unincorporated townships, and city or county law enforcement officers. Committed to defending public servants, our lawyers provide exemplary service and bring a wealth of experience to the table. Learn more about the governmental and municipality defense services at Rolfes Henry.

Governmental Defense

Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

The insurance attorneys at Rolfes Henry represent insurance carriers in “bad faith” litigation. In fact, we have successfully defended many of the largest and most respected insurance carriers in the country.

This specialized experience allows our insurance attorneys to move each case forward aggressively and efficiently. There are countless considerations when it comes to bad faith litigation. Thus, the expertise of our attorneys gives Rolfes Henry the opportunity to provide exceptional service to our clients.

Learn more about our insurance bad faith litigation services, and contact a Rolfes Henry office near you to get started.

Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

Insurance Coverage

The field of insurance coverage law is complex. Some attorneys represent policyholders in coverage disputes, while others represent the insurance companies.

Rolfes Henry advises and defends insurance companies across the United States. Our insurance coverage attorneys bring extensive training and experience to every case.

When it comes to insurance coverage disputes, the Coverage Team at Rolfes Henry brings a unique perspective. We advocate a data-driven approach and take into account the corporate interests of our clients. Our team works diligently and efficiently, leading to our selection by various carriers as national insurance counsel.

Find more information about our insurance coverage services and how we can put our experience to work for you.

Insurance Coverage

Premises Liability Defense

If you own property, whether it’s a commercial storefront or your home, you need to be aware of premises liability. This area of law covers accidents and injuries that occur on your property. If someone is injured on your property, you could end up as the target of a lawsuit. That’s where a premises liability defense attorney comes in.

There are different types of accidents that can occur on your property, from slip-and-falls to an injury incurred while trespassing. However, just because an accident or injury occurs on your property or at your business does not mean you should be held legally responsible.

Therefore, it’s important to have a premises liability defense attorney on your side. These lawyers can help you determine what level of liability you may be facing, develop a defense strategy, retain appropriate experts, and more.

Premises Liability

If you’re facing a premises liability claim, don’t hesitate to contact a premises liability defense attorney. They can help you protect your rights and your property.

See how Rolfes Henry’s premises liability defense services can help you.

Professional Licensure & Liability

As a professional, you are expected to uphold a certain standard of care. If you fail to do so, you could be held liable. This is where a professional licensure and liability attorney comes in.

A professional licensure and liability attorney can help you if you are facing disciplinary action from your licensing board, or if you are being sued for negligence or malpractice. These lawyers can also represent the interests of regulatory boards or agencies.

Hiring a professional licensure and liability lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the law can help you navigate the legal system and achieve your desired result. They will be able to represent you in court if necessary, and can defend you against unwarranted claims against you or your company.

Professional Liability Licensure

Whether you are a professional or a member of a licensing board, it is important to have a professional licensure and liability attorney on your side. They can help you protect your career, your livelihood, and the integrity of your profession.

Learn more about our professional licensure & liability services.

Property & Casualty Insurance Litigation

When it comes to property and casualty insurance disputes, insurers and claims professionals face many challenges. The attorneys at Rolfes Henry offer a wealth of experience in insurance litigation and come equipped with a strong record of success.

Without an experienced lawyer on their side, insurers may endure a long, expensive litigation process that does not achieve the ideal result. Conversely, having an attorney who understands the industry and intricacies of property and casualty insurance litigation can prove invaluable to many insurance companies.

Learn more about Rolfes Henry’s property and casualty insurance litigation services.

Property Casualty Insurance

Trucking Litigation and Coverage Matters

Whether you are a self-insured trucking company, owner operator, insurer or shipper, working with a trucking attorney can be enormously beneficial. In the event of a lawsuit, trucking lawyers can look out for your best interests and help safeguard the reputation of your company. A trucking lawyer can help you through every step of the litigation process, whether the lawsuit you’re facing is the result of a minor accident or a serious tragedy.

If you’re involved in a commercial trucking lawsuit or legal dispute, you need an experienced trucking litigation attorney on your side. They will not only fight for your rights and reputation but can also help you avoid an expensive, fruitless litigation process.

Learn more about Rolfes Henry’s trucking litigation and coverage services.

Trucking Litigation

Workers’ Compensation

Worker’s compensation refers to insurance that pays benefits to employees who have been injured at the workplace or as a result of their job.

While some workers’ compensation attorneys represent the employee who makes a workers’ comp claim, others represent the employer by investigating claims and defending against insurance fraud.

At Rolfes Henry, our worker’s compensation lawyers represent companies and combat insurance fraud. Our substantial investigatory experience allows us to mount an effective defense for your company and deliver optimal results.

Explore how our worker’s compensation services can help protect your company.

Workers Compensation

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