Meet our Newest Summer Associates!

Summer is here which means it’s time for the Summer Associate Program in Cincinnati!

As a Summer Associate, third-year law students experience what it is like to be a first-year Associate at Rolfes Henry – both working with clients and getting to know their colleagues on a professional and personal level. We give our Summer Associates real projects and meaningful experiences. This provides Summer Associates with valuable training, but also provides opportunities for them to demonstrate their skills to the firm. We provide each Associate with two mentors, a Partner and a Shareholder, who provides them with both formal and informal feedback on each assignment, and gives them the opportunity to attend a variety of events, such as court hearings, depositions, and a trial if one is scheduled.

Our program will schedule several fun activities throughout the summer as well. Rolfes Henry’s Summer Associate Program includes frequent opportunities to interact with our attorneys and staff in social settings, including lunches and dinners, Cincinnati Reds games, and happy hours.