The University of Cincinnati – College of Law’s APALSA (Asian Pacific American Law Student Association) hosted an attorney panel on April 14, 2022 with three incredible attorneys: Angela Chang from the Hamilton County Public Defender’s Office, Emily Tanji from Frost Brown Todd, and our own Harry Sokhi. The panel was oriented around minority experiences in the legal community and fostered strong discussions regarding representation and DEI work within the legal field, and served as an encouragement to all the students who attended.

Harry’s extensive litigation experience has spanned nearly twenty-five years but he has also helped some of the largest insurance companies operate their business more effectively by embracing diversity, data, and values-based recruitment. With our long history of serving insurance companies in a legal capacity, we were excited to have a seasoned attorney like Harry join our firm. Harry jumped at the chance to serve on our Diversity and Inclusion committee soon after he started to assist Rolfes Henry’s efforts of establishing a supportive and welcoming workplace environment in which employees of all backgrounds and demographic characteristics can work together.

“Diversity is not just color or race. It’s also a way of thinking across different generations,” he explains. “With insurance, we have different classes of people from all walks of life, and our lawyers should reflect that. Our lawyers should be able to relate to whatever happened in an incident to get an idea of why something happened. It goes toward communication and bridging gaps to create an understanding.” – Quote from “Harry Sokhi Invests in Diverse Thinking,” Modern Counsel Article, 2020

“It also brings out the best in everybody,” he adds. “I could hire everybody that agrees with me or everybody that looks like me and we all could just move in lockstep, but the law firms we hire should be there to challenge me. There’s back-and-forth. You have to be comfortable with that.” – Quote from “Harry Sokhi Invests in Diverse Thinking,” Modern Counsel Article, 2020

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